Opis projekta

PRO TEAM, company for logistics and freight services and Konstruktor company concluded and realized design and build contract for warehouse facility and corresponding offices at Dobanovci location. Gross area of the building is 4300 sqm, and corresponding offices approximately 170 sqm. Contract also regulates traffic design development of approximately 4800 sqm.

Warehouse floor is erected in relation to the surrounding terrain. On the east and west side, loading and unloading ramps are designed in seven positions, through which the unloading/loading of large trucks/tow trucks will be carried out. Surfaces around the building are finally coated with behaton. Rooms and toilets for employees are provided within facility, as well as charging for forklift trucks with gel batteries.

Main bearing structure of the building is designed as prefabricated ab structure. Roof design is gabled, with the layer roof system. Roof drainage for atmospheric water is provided under pressure (Pluvia drainage system). Warehouse floor slab design is micro-fiber reinforced concrete, while the facade is horizontal facade thermal insulation sandwich panel system, thickness thk = 12cm. Plot fence is made from wire panels up to 2 m in height. 

On this project, Konstruktor is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, for design and build of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the complex.

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