Opis projekta

The Konstruktor company is engaged by the Grundfos company for the construction of a facility for the installation and recycling of wastewater.

The facility is being built in the zone of large production complex of Grundfos company, whos gross area is 29000m2. This complex was built by Konstruktor Company in year 2012 according to the turnkey contract, and it was the largest investment in Serbia that year.

The purpose of the new facility is of an industrial character, it is a plant for wastewater treatment and recycling (WWTP). The plant aims to purify wastewater from sanitary and kitchen waste water at the production site Grundfos Serbia. The purified water is reused in the factory. The plant is based on MBR (membrane bioreactors) the sludge activation process with UF and RO filtration processes combined with the disinfection process.

The purification plant will be equipped with online sensors that check the quality of water in real time and thus enable automatic adjustment of the working conditions.

On this project, Konstruktor is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, on the execution of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations.

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