Opis projekta

Company Konstruktor, according to the "turnkey" system, realized design and build of business-production facility of company In-Connect from Nova Pazova, which is a part of the renowned Chaundhry Group from Nepal, being the first factory of the Group on the European ground. Within Chaundhry Group company's first factory, well-known branded products is producing- the noodles according to the world-famous technology that comes from Nepal. The largest part of the production of these products are aimed for the Russian and European markets, but also for the Balkan markets.

All activities on this project are divided into 2 phases. In the first phase of the project, the design and execution of the business-production and technical facility has started. The total net area of ​​both buildings is 6,291.29 m2. In the second phase of the project, a business-production facility identical to the facility in the first phase is planned. The business and production facility is designed as a single unit of a total GCA of 6.036,35 m² measuring 36,60 x 145,00 m. The business part of the building has a ground floor and a floor, and the production part is single-storey. The technical facility is designed for the compressor station and the boiler room of a total area of ​​254,94 m², measuring 16,03 x 17,98 m. The building is single-storey.

Cladding is performed by horizontal facade thermal insulation Bruch panels. Part of the facade of the business part is coated with K-Bond. Interior partition walls are designed in the system of partition walls of drywall and metal substructure with mineral wool filling. External and internal hardware is designed to be made from aluminum profiles with and without a thermal break, depending on the position of the facility and in accordance with the energy efficiency of the facility. The business and production facility is designed to comply with current fire regulations.

The project includes the exterior decoration of the location, of an area of 43.196,55 m², within which, in addition to the facilities of planned roads, parking space, natural green spaces are also landscaped. The final layer of roads, parking lots and sidewalks is made of behaton.

Company Konstruktor is particularly proud of this project because it fits very well in the long and successful business strategy of the company, which is based on the cooperation with leading foreign investors.

On this project, Konstruktor is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, for design and build of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the complex.

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