A visit of the Serbian Government’s delegation and groundbreaking ceremony for the “Grundfos” facility.

Groundbreaking ceremony of a new business and production complex in Inđija, belonging to the company Grundfos (18,000m2), has been laid.
Ana Brnabic, the Prime Minister of Serbia, attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new production plant. This official ceremony was also attended by the Serbian Minister of Economy Anđelka Atanasković, Ambassador of Denmark Susanne Shine, President of the Municipality of Inđija Vladimir Gak, Grundfos Vice President of supply chain management Michele Sterlecchini, the factory’s Director Veljko Todorovic, and the CEO of the Konstruktor Group Ognjen Kisin.
The Prime Minister first visited the existing production plant, built in 2012.
In addition, a new enhanced wastewater treatment plant, the Grundfos BioBooster, was opened two years ago.
In 2021, the construction of the third facility commences, and these works will be finished in May 2022, and after completion the complex will receive “LEED GOLD” certification.
All of the above-mentioned facilities, built for the renowned Danish investor “Grundfos”, were constructed by the Konstruktor Group, the general contractor, as a “turnkey” project.
As we have already mentioned in one of our earlier notifications, we point out that we are particularly pleased with the fact that we will once again act as the general contractor for a company with internationally recognizable ecological awareness, and thereby partake in ecological changes at the local as well as the global level.


根据“交钥匙” 、“设计- 建造”系统的条件,位于洛兹尼察《Minth》工业综合体的第三阶段建设已经安排好了,面积为47000平方米。

Final works on the facility “Magna” and a delegation visit to Aleksinac

The construction of the factory “Magna” in Aleksinac (8,500 m2) is almost finished, and it has been carried out as a „design and build“ and „turnkey“ project by the Konstruktor, the general contractor.
“Magna Seating” is part of the global group Magna, and it deals with the textile production of automotive upholstery.
Also, as part of her 3-day tour of the Nisava District, the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, while in Ražanj and Aleksinac, paid a visit to the new factory of the Canadian investor “Magna”. 
As reported by the Government, she went on this tour in order to talk with the citizens, businessmen and the representatives of the local self-government and thus get an insight into what has been done so far, which projects are ongoing, which ones are expected to commence, and what other things need to be done in the interest of the citizens and the economy.

New cooperation with the company “Grundfos” – industrial complex (18,000 m2)

We began our cooperation with the Danish investor “Grundfos” in 2012 when we constructed their first industrial complex in Indjija with a size of 27,000 m2, which was also that year’s biggest greenfield investment in Serbia.
In 2018, the company Grundfos continues to move boundaries in energy efficiency and water conservation and re-establishes cooperation with the Konstruktor Group in relation to the construction of a waste water treatment plant – Grundfos Biobooster (WWTP).
In 2021, our successful, continuous cooperation moves on and so we begin the construction of a new business and warehouse complex in Indjija (18,000 m2) as a “design and build”, “turnkey” project.
The designing and construction of this project will be in accordance with the highest technical and technological requirements of the Investor, with the application of state-of-the-art materials, equipment and systems, and also in accordance with “LEED GOLD” certification.
We must say that we are particularly pleased with the fact that once more we will act as the general contractor for a company with globally recognizable ecological awareness, and thereby be part of ecological changes at both the local and global level.
Thank you for your trust,

The construction of the business and warehouse complex of the company “Transfera” (30,000 m2) has begun

It has been agreed to construct a new business and warehouse building for a renowned logistics company, the “Transfera” company.

The building, which covers an area of 30,000 m2, will be constructed with the highest standards of quality and within a 9-month deadline as a “design and build”, “turnkey” project by the Konstruktor Group, the general contractor.

The building is situated in Novi Banovci and it will contain 3,000 m2 of office space, while the rest of it will be in the form of warehouse space as well as the accompanying rooms for rest and recreation, such as cafes and trim trails, and one of our priorities will be to ensure the usage of renewable energy sources.

We must say we are pleased with the beginning of our cooperation with the domestic investor “Transfera Transport & Logistics”, who for years now have been recognizable for their very successful business operation, continuous growth, and well-developed infrastructure.


《Minth Automotive Europe》这个综合体分两个阶段执行,第一个阶段包括设施1、2和3,都在12个月内建好,然而第二个阶段包设施4和5,它们两个在11个月内建好的,后者阶段也包括该综合体其他的附属建筑。
该项目是根据总承包商Konstruktor的“设计- 建造”、“交钥匙”系统建成的,以上的期间包括设计、许可证的获取和工作执行。


这一要求很高、非常重要的项目在一年内完成,包括按照总承包商Konstruktor的“设计- 建造”和“交钥匙”系统设计、获得许可证和工作执行。



在下面的视频中,可以看到它内部的一些部分 – 一楼有七个大厅用于管理、生产和储存三个方面。二楼有三个大厅,它们的用法一样,然而设施的前部也有用于管理的三楼。除了主要的工业设施之外,另一个商业设施被建成,面积为8000平方米,它包括一楼和另三个楼,而且综合体也有七个辅助设施。

根据交钥匙合同和设计- 建造合同,作为总承包商,“Konstruktor” 公司在一年内把整个工业综合体都完成。

The „Green Avenue“ Residential and Business Complex

Phases I and II of the 35 000m2 Green Avenue residential and business complex have been completed and buyers have already begun to move in.
The complex consists of 160 state-of-the-art apartments of various structures, ranging from 45 m2 to 200 m2, with accompanying garage spaces, arranged in several bays making up a compact architectural whole.

What all the apartments have in common is the optimal use of space, functionality and good lighting. A careful selection of materials for finishing works was made.
The architectural concept integrated into the environment leaves the impression of natural appearance and colors. The building is located at the center of Zemun, in Petra Kočića Street, a kilometer away from Zemun quay.

Konstruktor was included in both phases of the project as a general contractor, according to the turnkey contract, for the execution of all architectural and construction works, the thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, the interior finishing and craft works, as well as all the works on interior design of the residential complex ground floor.

The evolution of Konstruktor company from 2004 until the present day. The first jobs, the first obstacles and major successes… An interview dedicated to budding entrepreneurs with the will, knowledge, and vision!

“We got our first job at a construction fair in 2004, where we rented a small stand. And when you do one good job, you get two or three new ones, and that starts spreading like a forest fire. With a constant raising of the bar and facing ever more serious challenges, a company matures and grows. Any other way leads to stagnation.
The fledgling company had a small team of engineers and provided consulting services. Back then, as well as today, when it has hundreds of employees, the whole operation of the company is based on knowledge. Without the essential knowledge, no idea or business venture can ever be successful…”

In the interview for the “I, Entrepreneur” series, Mr. Ognjen Kisin, the Executive Director of the Konstruktor Group, spoke about his entrepreneurial beginnings in 2004, the inevitable obstacles, pushing the boundaries, and tackling ever bigger and more demanding jobs.

We recommend this video to budding entrepreneurs who have the will, knowledge, and vision!