Project Description

Design and construction of steel skeleton, roofing and cladding

Red roof

The red roof is leaned on the wall on elevation +12.0 and in concrete columns on +16.0 m and +17.5m. The main girders are of a semi-elliptical shape, leaned on two concrete columns and a wall, made of steel rolled HEA sections, on every 8.1m. Purlins are of a structural system of simply supported beam, 8,1m span, on 2.05m intervals, of steel box sections. All purlins are on their thirds connected with secondary beams which follow the roof shape. The whole roof is stiffened with longitudinal and transverse bracing at the roof level. Out of the façade level a façade girder comes out in the shape of a full ellipse, made of box sections, stiffened with horizontal and vertical beams. The roofing is comprised of arched batten roll steel sheets, on wooden centers, over which the insulation is placed, board and steel plasticized sheet in red color.

Oval roof

The oval roof is an ellipse in it base, of 30.0 x 46.0m dimensions. The main girders are steel trusses of maximum span of 30 m, on 6 m grid. The lower bit of the truss is made of box sections 220x140, and the upper rolled section HEA 200, with box section filling. The trusses are leaned on steel columns which are anchored on concrete beam on elevation +12.0 m. Purlins are designed as simple beams of 6.0m span with 2.2m distance, made of steel box sections. in the longitudinal direction, along the middle of the ellipse a longitudinal truss girder is designed, with upper bit 200x120, lower bit 220x140 and 100x100 diagonals. The whole roof is stiffened with longitudinal and transverse bracing at roof level, as well as vertical bracing between columns. The roofing is made of batten roll steel sheet, over which insulation and waterproofing was put. From the inner side, the roof is coated with plaster.


The steel girders of roof lanterns are made of structural system of a simple beam, from 8.1 m to 9.5 m in span, and 16.3 m, of 2.1 m distance. The girders are made of rolled IPE and HEA sections.

Other structures

Besides the stated, a series of other structures was realized of total weight cca 500t.

Company Konstruktor is engaged for design and execution of steel construction, covering and coating object.


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