Project description

It has been agreed to execute the fourth phase of works on the industrial complex “Minth” in Loznica, the size of which is 26,000 square meters.
Including this phase, together with the previous three, the Konstruktor, as a general constructor, will build 180,000 square meters for a renowned investor from China – the company “Minth Automotive Europe”.
All phases were carried out in accordance with the turnkey system, designing and execution of works, as well as the obtaining of permits.
The industrial facility consists of: a part for production, a warehouse, a technical block, and an office space.
In addition to short deadlines, maximum saving, and the highest standards of quality, a continuous cooperation with investors is a recognizable trait of the Konstruktor Group’s identity, so we must say we are particularly pleased with the fact that we have, once again, been hired by a renowned investor, the company “Minth Automotive Europe” from China, a company which owns production facilities at more than 30 locations in China, Thailand and Mexico, and which supplies parts to leading car producers, those with a share of more than 80 % on the global market.
As a general contractor, under a “turnkey”, “design and build” contract, the Konstruktor is executing all the architectural and construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, final craft works in the interior, as well as all the works needed for the arrangement of the ground floor of this complex.

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