Opis projekta

A continuous cooperation with the German company "Lidl" continues at the new retail facilities in Surcin and Mladenovac.
The facility in Surcin, size of 2060m2 with 8000m2 of exterior landscaping, was completed in parallel with the retail facility in Mladenovac.
In relation to other projects of this purpose that the Konstruktor built for the company "Lidl" (sales premises in Vrsac, Obrenovac, Zemun), we can say that these two were somewhat more challenging in terms of engineering.
The facility in Surcin was founded on piles and an embankment with retaining walls around the entire facade. The materialization of the facility consists of a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure, a layered roof and a reinforced concrete slab. The facade is a combination of a structural glass facade, Alubond and a classic Bavalit facade.
The Konstruktor was hired on the project as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, on the execution of all architectural and construction works, thermal engineering, hydraulic and electrical installations, interior construction and finishing works, as well as on all works on the landscaping of the complex.

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