Project description

We are pleased to start cooperation with a new renowned Client, the Austrian XXXLutz Group, as a General Contractor for the Trade and Logistics Center in Belgrade.
The XXXLutz Group has over 320 sales centers in 13 European countries, with more than 25,700 employees and is the second largest furniture retailer in the world. Accordingly, we have an important task ahead of us to justify high expectations.
Sales and storage areas are planned within the Trade and Logistics Center. On the ground floor, a sales area, employee  and reception of customers, an area for picking up goods, separate sanitary facilities for customers and employees are planned. The first floor is for the most part intended for sales space, where there is also a space for employees, a rest area and a sanitary block. The second floor is intended for rack storage of goods.
The 31,000 m² sales center will be built in 10 months according to the "turnkey" system.


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