Project description

Upgrading finished products warehouses within the “JTI International” complex in Senta, planed in order to expand the existing warehouse capacity. The range of the main carriers is 47 meters. 

Planed shape of the new hall was the result of its function, dimensions of existing halls and available space on the lot. Roof ridges of extended section follow the existing ridges of halls no. 6 and no. 7 in height. The 4.7m span hall height is 12.5m.

The structure of the new facility represents a prefabricated steel skeleton leaned of pad foundations and foundation strips.

Regardless of the demanding works on mechanical, electrical and sprinkler installations, the facility was finished within a short deadline.

On this project, Konstruktor is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, on the execution of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the complex.

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