Project description

On the newly designed rout of the trunkline highway Gacko – Foča, the “Trnova luka” bridge is of total length of 394 m, with constant longitudinal gradient of 3% as well as transverse gradient of 2.5% in the horizontal curve with R=1,500m radius.

A special challenge was mounting the steel skeleton of the bridge by thrust method with hydraulic presses. The correction of the path is done on every column with hydraulic presses placed for horizontal movements. Careful planning of the assembly enabled the realization in a very short term.

The width of the roads (road + marginal strip) is 2x3.3=6.6m and service strips 2x0.7 m. For the bridge guard rail an additional 2x0.45m is allocated. The adopted bridge width is 8.90m.

For the bridge superstructure od structure span of L=41+6x52+41=394m and bridge width of 8,90m a cross section was adopted consisting of two I sheet metal girders on transverse distance of 5.0m composited with reinforced concrete road slab.

The steel loadbearing structure is a steel continuous girder, leaned on 9 concrete columns, of which two are on the ends of the loadbearing structure and seven are on mid-span. The steel loadbearing structure itself consists of two mutually parallel, longitudinal steel welded metal sheet girders, I cross-cut, 2.5m in height, on mutual transverse distance of 5,000mm.

Main girders are mutually transversely connected with transverse girders in eights of the span in the middle fields and sixths of the span in the first and last field.

In this project, Konstruktor is engaged for design and build execution of steel construction of the bridge.

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