Project Description

Konstruktor Metal, one of the members of the Konstruktor Group whose organization and work are in accordance with modern high quality standards, is specialized and equipped for high quality production and assembly in the field of steel and aluminum construction.Bottom of Form

Konstruktor participates with its infrastructure  in this unique project by executing the Skylight steel structure that stretches along the whole main atrium, being one of the features of the project. Beside this impresive structure, Konstruktor’s role is to build the steel structure of the Cinemas and the Multipurpose areas, as well as the Technical facilities.

With regards to the development of the steel structure for this project, it worth to mention that the main tasks were to overcome challenges of manufacturing, transporting and erecting the massive steel elements that were to follow both the irregular layout geometry and out-of-plane roof structure for which the Konstruktor managed to production the processes in its Plant in Rakovica-Belgrade, and mounted on location.

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