Konstruktor Company was awarded for “The best contractor in 2018”.

The company Konstruktor was awarded for "Best Contractor in 2018".

The event was organized by CIJ, CEE & SEE, a European digital and printed real estate service.

CIJ Awards are credible awards for "real estate" businessmen in Serbia and the region of Southeast Europe who have developed over the past 12 months with new successful projects in local, regional and international real estate markets.

Nominations were deployed in various categories of "real estate" activities, including a studious consideration for each nomination, such as: size, quality, design, value of investment, the time for which the project was completed, etc ...

The Konstruktor Group was nominated in the category "Best Contractor in 2018" in which Konstruktor won the prize.

Konstruktor presented the buildings built in the past year, such as Lidl-the most modern business building, Stop Shop Vrsac-retail park, Green Avenue-business /residental complex, Proteam Logistics Center.

In the category "best contractor" were also nominated well-known and renowned construction companies STRABAG and EXING.

Konstruktor Company expresses satisafaction with the recognition, ie the reward it has received.

2017/2018 was a very productive year for Konstruktor Group.

In addition to the completed projects for which the Konstruktor has been nominated than awarded, also construction sites who are currently active: "Green Avenue", 6,8,8,9, "Ada Mall" shopping center-steel construction, "KLP" - the largest logistics center in Serbia located in Simanovci, pedestrian pasarela on Kalemegdan, "Lidl" retail store in Obrenovac, cow farm "Delta Agrar", "Stop Shop" Sremska Mitrovica.

In addition to “CIJ awards” for the best contractor in 2018, in the past 12 months, Konstruktor also received the "Golden Gazelle of Serbia" award for the fastest growing company in Serbia, awarded by BISNODE, also the "AAA" rating of credit rating excellence, as well as new "Excellence" business certificate.

Students visited construction site of residential-business complex “Green Avenue”

The long-term cooperation with the students of the Belgrade University, future engineers, is of special significance for the company Konstruktor, which is also the obligation of the company in accordance with the principles of social responsibility that the company implements.

In connection with this, another visit of students of elementary and master studies of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade was organized, they visited the residential complex Green Avenue in Zemun (20,000 m2) which Konstruktor constructed as a general contractor regarding “turn-key” contract.

Dear guests, colleagues, are thoroughly familiar with all the technical solutions that have been applied in the design.

Particular attention was paid to the main performance challenges that Konstruktor worked on at the very beginning, during the performance of the first, second and third buildings, and at the very end of the buildings 4 and 5 that were in the final stage and which students had the opportunity to visit in all segments.

In addition to the representatives of Konstruktor, representatives of Montex company were also present as investors who gave them a very constructive lecture.

There were approximately 30 students and one professor at the Faculty of Architecture. The company Konstruktor is particularly pleased to have had the opportunity to host dear guests from the Faculty of Architecture and to share with them at least a part of the practical knowledge to the best possible way.

The Konstruktor Company has been awarded with another certificate of “excellence”.

Konstruktor Consulting company fulfilled the conditions for extending the "Excellent certificate" by the credit rating company "COFACE".
The basis for the extension of the certificate is a credit report and regular monitoring of the operations of the company Konstruktor Konsalting confirmed by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce by issuing this document.

In the past year, Konstruktor Konsalting has been awarded the “AAA” Certificate of Excellence which falls into the highest class of excellence in Serbia.
Fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the "Large License" issued by the Ministry in charge of construction business.
Also, in September 2018, Konstruktor also received the “Golden Gazelle of Serbia” award for the fastest growing company in the country, awarded also by “Bisnode”, the leading company for the rating of the economy.

In addition, Konstruktor Group has a lot of credible certificates and recognitions such as: "TUV" - "Certificate of conformity of the factory production control", "certificate of recognition of the manufacturer” by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, so many "IQNet" and "JUQS" certificates for quality control and standards in different business segments ...

From the very beginning, Konstruktor Group's strategy is to base its business exclusively on “healthy grounds” and on the "long turn”.


Production and assembly of a steel structure for the "Ada Mall" shopping center is coming to an end.

Konstruktor Metal, one of the members of the Konstruktor Group whose organization and work are in accordance with modern high quality standards, is specialized and equipped for high quality production and assembly in the field of steel and aluminum construction.Bottom of Form

Konstruktor participates with its infrastructure in this unique project by executing the Skylight steel structure that stretches along the whole main atrium, being one of the features of the project. Beside this impresive structure, Konstruktor’s role is to build the steel structure of the Cinemas and the Multipurpose areas, as well as the Technical facilities.

With regards to the development of the steel structure for this project, it worth to mention that the main tasks were to overcome challenges of manufacturing, transporting and erecting the massive steel elements that were to follow both the irregular layout geometry and out-of-plane roof structure for which the Konstruktor managed to production the processes in its Plant in Rakovica-Belgrade, and mounted on location.
The whole process of production and realization on which Konstruktor company worked was 4 months long.

Konstruktor Group has started building another facility for the company "Lidl" in Obrenovac

After a very successful construction of a modern business facility "Lidl" of 15000m2 in Stara Pazova, also after the successfully built retail space of the company "Lidl" in Vrsac, works were started on another Lidl retail facility in Obrenovac.

Konstruktor Grupa has set up its machines at a new location in Obrenovac, on the construction of a retail facility of company "Lidl" of 2550m2 with an external arrangement of 5000m2.

The Konstruktor company expresses satisfaction that Lidl, a renowned German Investor, has been selected Konstruktor to carry out the construction of this facility according to the "turnkey" system with a 6 month deadline and high quality standards.

Re-engagement by investors is part of the company's business strategy, which reflects the quality of Konstruktor Group's operations.

On this project, as well as all previous ones, Konstruktor Company is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, on the execution of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the object.

Konstruktor Konsalting from Belgrade, the fastest growing Serbian company - winner of the “Golden Gazelle of Serbia” 2018.

Konstruktor Konsalting Company from Belgrade won the “Golden Gazelle of Serbia” Awards in 2018. for the fastest growing company in the country.
At the annual Bisnode conference - Bisnode4Excellence, the most successful Serbian companies have been honored for the fastest growing companies in Serbia, as well as internationally recognized certificates of credit excellence.
Silver gazelle was given to the Company “Design Architecture”, and bronze to “Outsource Insurance Professionals”.
According to US researcher David Birch, who presented the concept of “gazelles” in the economy, these are the companies that make the biggest contribution to GDP growth and new working places in Company.
The “Gazelles” project has taken into account companies that plan their business in the long turn and not only look at the success overnight (companies that have growth in the last 5 years and their growth and development are costly). The methodology of “Gold Gazelles” selection is based on 15 years of experience and quality, which is also indicated by the fact that 87% of the nominees still do business successfully today, and 58.7% have excellent credit rating.
For this year's final selection, the members of the Council who took part in the project were:

  • Aleksandar Vlahovic, president of the Serbian Association of Economists
  • Katarina Obradovic Jovanovic, Minister assistent of Economy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia
  • Rados Gazdic, Director of the Development Agency of Serbia
  • Maja Kolar, Banca Intesa, Head of SME Department
  • Petar Mirkovic, Chemical Agrosava (Golden Gazelle 2016), CEO
  • Vladan Ostojic, Vega IT Sourcing (Zlatna Gazela 2017), CEO
  • Dr. Dejan Soskic, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and this year's President of the Council
  • Saša Vlaisavljević, AD Nikola Tesla Airport, CEO
  • Damir Simonović, Bisnode Slovenia, Presales Insights Specialist

Company Konstruktor expresses satisfaction at the prestigious and credible award in the region, with the goal of continuing to grow as a company, as well as the growth of individuals in it.

Grundfos and Konstruktor have concluded one more contract

The Konstruktor company is engaged by the Grundfos company for the construction of a facility for the installation and recycling of wastewater.

The facility is being built in the zone of large production complex of Grundfos company, whos gross area is 29000m2. This complex was built by Konstruktor Company in year 2012 according to the turnkey contract, and it was the largest investment in Serbia that year.

The purpose of the new facility is of an industrial character, it is a plant for wastewater treatment and recycling (WWTP). The plant aims to purify wastewater from sanitary and kitchen waste water at the production site Grundfos Serbia. The purified water is reused in the factory. The plant is based on MBR (membrane bioreactors) the sludge activation process with UF and RO filtration processes combined with the disinfection process.
The purification plant will be equipped with online sensors that check the quality of water in real time and thus enable automatic adjustment of the working conditions.

Company Napredak A.D. and Konstrukor Konsalting company contracted the design and build of the turnkey system contract for construction of object in Stara Pazova

Design and build of the turnkey system was agreed between Konstruktor and Napredak A.D. for the
construction of the most modern stable for cows, gross area of 7650m2.

The facility is designed as a unique unit. The total capacity of the facility is the possibility
accommodating of 704 cows.

Gabarit in the form of rectangles is 136,80x55,79 meters. The height of the building is 12 meters.
The basic construction of the building is a steel frame structure.

The facility is equipped with electrical and hydraulic installations.

The organization of the facility is made according to a technological scheme, with the most up-to-date
standards for cow’s cultivation.

Konstruktor Group is compleeting construction of new facility for "Lidl" Company

After a very successful construction of a modern business building "Lidl" of 15000m2 in Stara Pazova, by turn-key system, from the Konstruktor Company as a general contractor.

A new contract was signed, and in this connection, the company Konstruktor set up its machines at a new location in Vršac, on the construction of a retail facility of company "Lidl" of 2550m2 with an external arrangement of 5560m2.

Konstruktor expresses satisfaction that Lidl, a renowned German Investor, selected Konstruktor to carry out the construction of this facility in a "turnkey" system with a 6 month deadline in high quality standards.

Successful cooperation and re-engagement by Investors is part of Konstruktor's business strategy.

Completed works on CRH cement plant in Popovac

After 3 months of construction, works were completed on the construction and installation of a steel structure for the needs of the clinker conveyor as part of the cement factory in Popovac. The works were effectively started at the end of December 2018 and completed in mid-March 2018.

The renowned Irish company CRH hired Konstruktor to build and install a pressing tower and a bridge of a striped conveyor, and to previously disassemble the existing bridge of the conveyor belt. In addition to the works on steel construction, Investor entrusted Konstruktor with the construction and installation of complete machine equipment.

The project had very specific production, transport and assembly requirements, as well as the needs to not disturb the existing production process in cement plant in Popovac.
With successful completion of the construction, Konstruktor once again confirms the cooperation with a number of foreign companies operating on the Serbian market, which just fits into one of the company's main goals, which is successful cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign investors.